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Carpet to Tile Transition

Carpet to tile transitions are an excellent feature to add to your home. Who doesn’t like having their cake and eating it too? Carpet is great if you have kids or just like the feel of plush carpet on your feet.

Tile is great too because it gives your home a fresh new look and is easier to clean. Why not have both?

When carpet and tile meet, you need to make sure the carpet is flush with the tile. If its not the carpet starts to fray and look bad. Who wants that?

It doesn’t matter if your transition was a DIY job gone bad or installed by a reputable company. Las Vegas Carpet Repair and Cleaning has the solution to your carpet to tile transition issue.

Depending on your carpet to tile transition problem, it can be fixed by using:

  1. Tack Strips
  2. Rubber Reducers
  3. Transition Strips

If you are in the process of renovating don’t forget your carpet to tile transition. When installed correctly, tile and carpet can seamlessly blend together to enhance your property value.

Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning understands the importance of properly installed transitions and certainly will make sure they are installed correctly.

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