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Pet Damage

Dogs and cats wreck havoc on carpets. There is no other way to put it. Pets are great to have and bring tons of joy into our lives, but pets and carpet don’t get along.

Pets like to scratch, claw and chew everything in sight especially carpets. Good thing Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning is around to fix the damage they cause!

We can repair and clean your carpet all in the same day. Our IICRC certified carpet repair specialist are very familiar with pet damage and can handle this problem with speed and efficiency.

Fixing Your Carpet

Our carpet repair specialist will assess the situation and come up with the best solution to your problem. Our carpet repair specialist use the following strategy to repair your damaged carpet.

We remove the damaged portion of the carpet by cutting it away and replacing it with a new section of carpet from an unused area. We typically find these pieces in the back of a closet where nobody looks.

Make Las Vegas Carpet Repair & Cleaning your go to guys for all your carpet care needs! You can count on us!. You don’t have to worry about carpet repair techs not showing up when they say they will.

Our guys are on time every time and if by chance we are running late we will definitely call you to give you a heads up.

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